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The G-Shot - Enhance Your Sexual Experience

The G-Spot Shot

What is the G-Spot Shot?

Can you imagine a non-surgical procedure that can drastically aid in enhancing the sexual wellness, pleasure and sexual well-being in a woman? Well imagine no longer, because that miracle procedure is here. It’s called, the G-Spot Shot.

It might not be commonly known, but arousal and pleasurable sexual experiences are found to be quite difficult for some women, so with the G- Spot Shot, one can regain and enhance her sexual pleasure with a quick and virtually painless procedure.

The G-Spot Shot utilizes a patient’s own Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), which in layman’s terms is one’s own blood, and is carefully injected into the clitoris and upper vaginal wall in close proximity to the G-spot. Since the procedure utilizes the patient’s own blood, the G-Spot Shot is completely safe to administer to our clients.

The procedure is quick, (approximately 15 minutes) and may produce a brief discomfort, if any, and will ultimately increase vaginal sensation and pleasure.

The G- Spot Shot procedure causes an increase in blood flow and regeneration of tissues in the vaginal walls and clitoris by utilizing the regenerative properties of a patient’s own stem cells.

For women who have had issues achieving orgasms in the past, or have never experienced them at all; the G-Spot Shot is for you. For women affected with dull vaginal sensation, vaginal looseness, or are just looking to increase their sexual pleasure during intercourse; the G- Spot Shot is for you as well.

Call or come in today to learn how you too can experience greater sexual pleasure, sensation and overall better sexual well-being.

G-Spot Shot Benefits:


Enhanced Sexual Wellness


Enhanced Sexual Pleasure


Enhanced Sexual Well-Being


Enhanced Sexual Arousal


Quick and Simple Procedure

G- Spot Shot  – $999 per session or $1500 for three session treatment plan