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Femilift – For a Better Feminine Life

Femilift Services in Houston, TX

What is Femilift?

The innovative FemiLift™ procedure is done in office using a novel, minimally invasive technology that requires no post procedure down time. A non – surgical virtually painless 15 minute office procedure utilizing an FDA approved advanced CO2 fractional Laser Pixel.  The procedure offers a minimally invasive solution to reduce dryness, tighten the vaginal tunnel, diminish urinary incontinence and increase pleasure during intercourse.
How many treatments are required?
Each individual is unique and an accurate number of treatments will be determined on a case by case basis.  Most Patients achieve best results after just 3 treatments at monthly intervals, with immediate benefits after the first session.


Femilift Benefits:

Immediate Amazing Results

The procedure refreshes the vagina and produces firmer, more youthful vaginal tissue. Most patients notice results immediately within a few days of treatment.

No Downtime

Patient is able to return to their daily activities the same day.

Pain Free

A vagina – shaped probe is used to make the treatment as comfortable and pain free as possible.

Quick and Easy Treatment

The procedure only takes 15 minutes.
Femillift – $999 per session or $2699 for three session treatment plan
Femi-tight –  $499 per session or $999 for three session treatment plan